CHIVA South Africa supporting International Year of Health and Care Workers

WHO has designated 2021 as the International Year of Health and Care Workers (YHCW). CHIVA South Africa wholeheartedly supports this recognition of their dedication in delivering care during and despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The challenges health workers face in South Africa, notably within more vulnerable rural communities, is especially poignant during these unprecedented challenging times.

Investing in health and care workers clearly benefits society, with COVID-19 illustrating how critical they are to health emergency responses, and for health system preparedness and resilience. Health employment also acts as a boost to the economy, and is a major employer of female workers, representing an important investment in gender equality. The High-level Commission on Health Employment and Economic Growth has also estimated that investing in health employment can result in 9-fold return on investment and up to 4% growth in gross domestic product (GDP). []

The YHCW highlights the need for greater investment to manage the pandemic and roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine but also draws attention to the need of investing beyond the pandemic. Investments are critical in sustaining the health and care workers ability to deliver primary health care, manage noncommunicable and communicable diseases, provide mental health services, and long term and palliative care.

At CHIVA South Africa we are dedicated to ensuring we continue with our training and support programmes, assisting rural health workers as best we can during the pandemic by advancing health outcomes for vulnerable children and adolescents. As we start 2021 with renewed optimism, we face very real challenges in ensuring we maintain the level of service needed and it is thanks to the generosity of donors that we can support our valued health workers at the level required.

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